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Updated 2022-07-04

From the video above: first they explain how historically the so-called petro-dollar came to be, and why it is so important. Then:

“If oil starts trading in non-petrodollars, such as gold, or basket of currencies, or if China and Russia starts trading in yuan and rubles rather than US dollars, then that demand [for dollar] isn’t there, and the way of life for the average American will be done. It will be worse than the Great Depression.

To date, anyone who’s potentially threatened the status of the petrodollar, hasn’t fared well.

Libya’s strongman Muammar Gaddaffi publicly backed for a pan-African gold-backed currency that he would trade Libya’s oil. He was killed during a US backed revolution in 2011. 

In just a few short years before, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein advocated for selling oil for euros.

And interestingly enough, after the Americans invaded, took over, put there their own government, the whole concept of selling oil in euros, never surfaced again.”

Makes a whole lotta sense why this war is so important to the West.

The thread below is great and worth seeing. It certainly may change your perception of what you think is going on in Ukraina, and has been going on for 8 years. (About the warning: there was nothing especially sensitive, unless meant just politically.)

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